• Uses MODX credentials

    Just use your existing MODX credentials to login to HandyMan.

  • List Resources

    Browse your Resources Tree in a mobile-optimized layout: easy, fast, intuitive.

  • Quick Publish & Remove

    In a rush to get that new article up? One-click Publish and Remove, right at your fingertips.

  • Create & Update Resources

    Using Textile for rich text editing, you can now easily create and update resources on the go.

  • Extend HandyMan

    Coming in 1.1, you will be able to extand HandyMan functionality, and keep your upgrade path.

  • Custom TV types

    Coming in 1.1, you can also install custom TV types - specifically crafted for a mobile MODX experience.

The following screencast introduces you to a number of features of HandyMan. It was made by Jared Loman Creative with an early beta version in Early October 2011.

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